Monday, October 29, 2012

I Love Earning Money With Chitika!

Two reasons you may want to consider using Chitika as a form of residual income.

1:  If you had bad luck with Adsense.

I've heard and read many stories of Adsense Publishers losing their Adsense accounts.  Adsense has endless detailed guidelines and policies and to a beginner who has no experience earning money online with the Adsense program, it is very easy to make mistakes that can get you banned from the Publisher program before even getting your feet wet.

 How to earn money online

2:  If you want to create another stream of RESIDUAL income from a different source.

I've been told time and time again how not to put all my eggs in one basket.  It seems like people need to have a backup plan or a plan B to cover their backs.  This holds true online too.  I earn multiple streams of residual income using free resources available on the web.  Trying many different Publisher programs helped me figure out which ones I like the best and CHITIKA has become one of my top three favorites.  I love Chitika and they continue to invent new ways for their Publishers to earn more revenue faster.

As long as Adsense allows me to earn residual income writing quality content online, I'll be earning money with the Adsense program for years to come however; I decided to put equal attention to using Chitika ads on my websites and blogs.  I'll never knock Adsense because Adsense was the first Publisher program I joined but just like in life, I don't rely on one source to generate residual income online.

Chitika continues to evolve due to wanting to become #1 in the field of Publisher progams.  I feel at this point in the game Chitika is giving Adsense fierce competition.

Chitika is a Publisher program.  Publishers place Chitika ads onto their websites and blogs in the hopes a visitor will click on a Chitka ad to earn revenue.  It's that simple.  Your website or blog receives traffic and if a visitor clicks on a Chitika ad you earn income.

Chitika has been working hard inventing new ad opportunities for their Publishers to earn more money faster.

Chitika created Chitika Apps.  I love these!  I now incorporate the Chitika Apps to my websites and some blogs.

Four New Chitika Apps Available or soon to come.

1:  Chitika Hover Ads - I have Chitika Hover Ads on a lot of my websites and blogs and adding the Chitika Hover Ads has increased my Chitika revenue earned overnight.  Thumbs up to the Chitika Hover Ads.

2:  Chitika Highlight - What a great idea.  I have tested it in my Chitika account and the concept is genius.  Anytime a visitor highlights to copy content from you, a Chitika Ads populates.  Awesome!!!  As of October 2012 this App is still in beta but the moment it's not in beta, I'm implementing it to my websites and blogs.  Article writers who steal content are not going to like it because every time they highlight content to copy and paste they will have to view a Chitika Ad first.  Thieves and Scammers beware.  LOL.

3:  Chitika Linx - Yes, soon Chitika will offer In-text advertising.  Yeah!!!  I like the In-text advertising ads.  I use Infolinks and earn revenue from the In-text ads shown on my websites and blogs but I look forward to trying Chitika In-text ads too.  I believe my Chitika daily revenue earned will increase too.

4:  Chitika Pages - OK, I've browsed through websites and browsing through the websites pages, I've come across ads called Interstitial ads.  Each time I clicked on a link to be brought to a different page of a website, an Interstitial ad showed.  I personally never used this kind of Publisher advertising but I may try it in the future.  To each their own when it comes to choosing the best Publisher ads for your growing Internet Business.


If you are a Publisher who seeks out free opportunities to generate residual income the free way, I suggest giving Chitika a try.  Create multiple streams of income to help increase earning daily revenue faster.


  1. nice content: it really change my mind toward chitika

    1. Yes, Chitika has come a long way. Thank you for commenting because I noticed that I need to replace the old Chitika ad with a new one for the In-text ads to show on this blog page. Thank you.


When I started using Adsense and Chitika I did not earn a lot of money but over time the daily revenue earned increased gradually and now I earn residual income every day.